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Welcome to 1020 RX Prescription Plan

Let us show you how you and your family can access immediate savings that will save you money on virtually every prescription medication you may ever need. Our discount plan offers you the following benefits:


  • Save an average of 46% on both Brand-name and Generic Prescription Drugs!*
  • No age limits
  • No health restrictions
  • No limitation of use
  • No reimbursement procedures
  • No paperwork, you pay the discounted amount at the time of your visit
  • No prescription coupons
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  • Network of over 60,000 participating pharmacies
  • Savings range from 10% to 85%
  • Member savings on medical and diabetic supplies
  • Individual and family options
  • Business and group rates available
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Every year, the average American fills 12 prescriptions at an average retail price of $71 per prescription. The 1020 RX  Pricing Pharmacy Plan saves you money and takes the guess work out of paying for prescription medications.  Our discount plan segments brand name and generic drugs into three price classifications making it easy for you to consult with your health care provider to find the most effective medication at the lowest cost.  Deeper discounts may also apply to  maintenance medications purchased through our mail order pharmacy program.

1020RX offers prescription solutions for real savings program, and is not insurance. The advantages to you, the customer is that is no paperwork, no age limits, no coupons and no limitation of use. You can use our plan as often as you need, for as long as you maintain your membership. The potential savings are limitless!

Simply present your prescription card to your pharmacist and save every time you fill your prescription!

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